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Services & Fees

Specialist Eating Disorder Consultations

For an initial consultation, I will assess your current condition and together with you, determine the best package to support you. We will look at whether your GP needs to be contacted for any further tests and what your current nutritional status is. I appreciate that recovery from an eating disorder can take time, so we will look at different options to support you, potentially including:

  • email correspondence to keep you on track

  • zoom contact if easier than face-to-face

  • nutritional analysis to determine any missing nutrients

  • meal increases based on what you can manage

  • Food app support, if required

  • Meal and portion planning as well as providing you with meal planner template

  • referrals to additional professionals if and when required


Sports Nutrition

Our first consultation will look at what your goals are for your nutrition, training and competition. We will then agree a plan to ensure you meet these goals

Sports Nutrition for Disordered Eating

If you are struggling to train at your best due to your struggles with your nutrition, we can make a plan to ensure your nutrition improves and your sport doesn’t suffer.


I am registered with most major insurance companies.

Currently available for both face-to-face and zoom consultations

Eating Disorder Consultations

Monday, Wednesday & Thursday

9am - 6pm

Initial Consultation with menu planning: £150

  1. Weekly sessions with App correspondence : £90/session

  2. Fortnightly session with App correspondence: £100/session

We will agree at the initial consultation what service would best suit your needs and review this regularly

Sports Nutrition

Monday, Wednesday & Thursday

9am - 6pm

£150 per initial consultation



£200 macro- and micro-analysis with plan

Fortnightly session with app support: £100/session

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