About Maja Berry

Eating Disorder and Sports Dietitian

Qualifying in 2011 (University of Surrey Bsc Hons). I have specialised in Eating Disorders since 2015, initially covering inpatient services for adults and adolescents, before moving to private practice in 2020.

In addition, I have completed my Msc in Sports Nutrition, focussing on energy sustainability and sufficiency of different diets, like veganism, within elite endurance athletes. I am particularly interested in nutrition related to RED-S and hypothalamic amenorrhea and look to combine these specialities to provide a rounded and holistic approach to help clients. I currently work at the English National Ballet School, combining my dietetic degree with sports nutrition to ensure the ballet dancers have optimal nutrition.

My personal interest in dietetics and start of my career originated from the experiences that came with my eldest son’s early diagnoses of Autism, Acute Reflux and associated food refusal for the early years of his life. Through this and my extensive work with Adolescents in Mental Health clinics, I am fluent with the requirements related to fussy eating and other associated eating and sensory disorders relating to Special Needs.

About Nicky van Zyl

Eating Disorder Dietitian

I am a registered dietitian Clinical Dietitian (RD). I studied at the University of Cape in South Africa, obtaining a postgraduate degree BSc(MED)Hons in Nutrition and Dietetics in 1997 after completing a BSc in physiology.

I have worked in both the clinical inpatient and private setting in both South Africa and the UK and have developed a special interest in mental health and eating disorders, specifically with adults, including binge eating disorder and bulimia. I am currently working as a clinical dietitian at a local NHS mental health trust which specialises in providing healthcare for people with serious mental illness.

I am also a certified yoga teacher currently teaching yoga part-time in the community. I firmly believe in an integrated approach to health and well-being and know that this is pivotal to the overall health of the individual.

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