About Maja Berry

Registered Dietitian and Sports Nutritionist

I have been working in Eating Disorders since 2015 and in Sports since 2020, holding a master’s in Sports Nutrition and am passionate about supporting adolescents and adults to recover either from an eating disorder or from RED-S /Hypothalamic Amenorrhea.


In regards to eating disorders, I am a very firm believer in “full” recovery – not just weight restoration, but being free of negative thoughts around food and fully able to enjoy a variety of food rather than only “healthy” or “safe” foods. I hope that by the time we have finished working together, you are able to eat intuitively, enjoying a large range of foods and not relying on a formal meal plan.


I additionally understand the complexity of struggling with an eating disorder when also diagnosed with ASD and find it a bit more important to think outside the box. This is helped by the fact that my oldest son is autistic and was tube fed as a baby and toddler, helping me to learn different techniques and strategies both as a mother and a clinician.


In sports, my expertise is in relation to energy intake versus energy expenditure. Many people struggle to find this balance, particularly in a social climate that sometimes encourages over training and under fuelling.




Sports Performance

RED-S Nutrition


Nutrition for Hypothalamic 



Matching energy intake with energy expenditure


Elite sports nutrition

Eating Disorders

Working with the family to re-introduce food and plan meals;


Ensure your meal plan covers all nutrient requirements;


Work with you to gain weight slowly, if required


Support you to have a healthy relationship with food


Guide you to overcome bingeing and/or bulimia

Arfid / Asd

Assess current meal plan; 


Determine if there might be any deficiencies; 


Introduce ideas to broaden range of foods.